Instructions for Authors

  • The paper should be written in English, and submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word document. Authors should use font Times New Roman, font size 12pt, footnotes in 10pt, with 1.5 spacing
  • Authors whose native language is not English are advised to have their manuscripts proof-read by an English-speaking colleague prior to submission
  • The paper should not be longer than 35 000 characters (with spaces) including title page and the main text, footnotes and literature

The title page should be the first page and it should contain:

  • Full title (not to exceed 10 words)
  • Author/s name and surname, academic degree with affiliation/the name of the institution the author is associated with including the country, should be listed on the title page
  • State the date of birth along with your full name (required for insight into the scientific work of authors in the central database of the National Library of Serbia and determining UDC number in the magazine)
  • Email address
  • Abstract should be up to 500 words. Do not cite references, and do not use acronyms and abbreviations in the abstract.
  • 5 keywords
  • All sources or funding, including the grants should be listed in footnote on the first page


  • Authors should use Harvard system for referencing (e.g. Marjanović 1995: 156)
  • Short and in-text quotations should be up to 4 lines, and referred with double inverted commas (“”)
  • Omitted parts of the text and missing material should be marked with square brackets […]
  • Use the square brackets for the in-text author’s comments
  • Quotations should not exceed 400 characters
  • The reference list should be formatted in alphabetical or ABC order (depending on the alphabet used) by the first authors` surnames (12pt.)
  • Same authors in the bibliography should be listed in accordance with the year of the publication. If there are more than one publication per year, they should be marked by a letter (e.g. 1998a, 1998b…)
  • Quoting journals and periodicals should be referred with Surname and the Name of the author, full title of the journal in italic, as well as the first and the last quoted page from the journal/periodical. When citing from periodicals, you should add a date of publication as well
  • Web documents should include full information about the author, the title of the paper, and for electronic journals ― the title of the journal, the corresponding integral link and date of access
  • All papers will be reviewed by at least two anonymous reviewers (peer review system)

To submit a paper, please send to
no later than June 1st, 2018.